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Baby clinic

Vitamins from fruits and vegetables or from baby food?

Promotion of good nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be developed since childhood. Regularly and on a daily basis consume five servings of fruits and vegetables is really important...

Paediatrician says: Foreword by MUDR. Šimurka

Beyond any doubt, birth of a baby is one of the most precious moments in our lives. Babies need plenty of love, attention and care, especially in the first days of their life path.

Paediarician advices: Recommendations by MUDr. Šimovičová

When should infants start solids? What should we choose fror firts solids? When to start cow milk?

Answering mums concerns

OVKO fruit desserts, fruit and vegetable combinations and vegetable and meat foods are rich in vitamins, trace elements, fibre and flavonoids.

OVKO Baby Foods – balanced and colourful taste

Find detailed information on baby foods in the table.

Guide for moms

If you want to know when and what foods should be started, read our guide that will give you a lot of valuable advice.

Tradition since 1975 guarantees great taste and high quality for 40 years.

Source: AC Nielsen - data on the number of units sold in the Slovak Republic 2015, 2014, r.2013, r.2012. (Sales of food, general merchandise and drugstores).