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matter to us

Traditional Slovak manufacturer
of baby food and meals since 1975

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About OVKO

The story behind our baby food

45 years of experience


The tradition of OVKO baby food production dates back to 1975 when a cannery was built in Nové Zámky on a green meadow. At the time, it was the largest cannery in Central Europe.


The plant was registered under the name of NOVOFRUCT and became the sole producer of baby food in Slovakia. The OVKO brand is in great demand on the Slovak market, but it is also exported to various foreign markets.

1990 - fotka výživy


Baby food is produced continuously even amidst the turbulent period of changes in society and company owners.


In this period, the production of baby food takes on a new dimension. Production is expanded to include vegetable and vegetable-meat meals, gaining new customers.


In 2009, the OVKO brand comes up with a new line of organic products: fruit baby food and vegetable products of the highest quality.


The OVKO brand portfolio is expanded with baby food in pouches – practical packaging that makes consumption easier.


After 15 years, The OVKO brand undergoes a complete redesign.