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Mum`s Corner

Danger in the apartment lurking on babyDanger in the apartment lurking on baby

In the moment you become a parent, you are living in constant alert and fear of child to not fall somewhere, something did not fall on him, did not drink something, did not eat something...

5 tips to entertain your baby5 tips to entertain your baby

After the birth begins for the woman a whole new stage of life. The primary needs are becoming needs of baby and 24 hours care of him. In addition to regular ritual, such as sleep - feeding - changing diapers, baby is up and he need some kind of entertainment...

What to bring with you to the hospital?What to bring with you to the hospital?

If your pregnancy approaches the long-awaited birth, it's time to prepare your bag to the hospital. Do not rely on the scheduled date and be ready in time for you to birth unexpectedly surprised. As it happens, most of it comes when you wait it at least...

5 tips to calm a baby5 tips to calm a baby

"How sleeps baby?" This is probably the most common question mom can heard. The regularity of sleep affects the whole family. Unhappy and crying baby disrupts the daily cycle of all...

Guide for moms

If you want to know when and what foods should be started, read our guide that will give you a lot of valuable advice.

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Infant and baby foods in terms of product quality and nutritional value compared to fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.

European standars for infant`s and baby foods are very strict.

Quality Control System

The quality of OVKO baby foods is assured and monitored by the food state authorities, external auditors and customers. We are well aware that...

Tradition since 1975 guarantees great taste and high quality for 40 years.

Source: AC Nielsen - data on the number of units sold in the Slovak Republic 2015, 2014, r.2013, r.2012. (Sales of food, general merchandise and drugstores).