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OVKO Baby Foods – balanced and colourful taste

OVKO Baby Food (BF)With
no added
artificial aroma,
or colorants
with vitamin C
With no added
Stool hardener (H);
Stool softener (S);
Stool normalizer (N)
Suitable from
the end of
Fruit line
BF Apple and cinamonXXXN4
BF Pear and appleXXXN4
BF Apple and vanillaXXXN5
BF Apple and peachXXXZ4
BF Apple and strawberriesXXXN4
BF Garden fruit mixXXXN6
BF Apple and apricotXXXZ4
BF Pear and raspberriesXXXN4
BF Apple and blueberriesXXXN5
BF Forest fruitXXXN5
BF Banana, apple and peachXXXS6
Fruit and vegetable combinations
BF Apple and carrotXXXS5
BF Pumpkin, apple and carrotXXXN4
BF Apple, apricot and carrotXXXN6
Fruit line with biscuits
BF Apple, banana/pear and biscuitsXXS5
Sugarfree fruit line
BF Apple and peachXXXXZ4
BF Apple and strawberriesXXXXN4
BF Forest fruitXXXXN4
Fruit line with yoghurt
BF Apple and yoghurtXXXN4
BF Peach, apple and yoghurtXXXN4
BF Banana, apple and yoghurtXXXN4
Fruit line with curd cheese
BF Apple and curd cheeseXXXN4
BF Apple, peach and curd cheeseXXS4
Baby mealswith no added sachcarose/salt
Chicken breats with carrot, cauliflower and riceXXXN6
Turkey breasts with vegetable risottoXXXS6
Juicy veal with vegetable risottoXXXN6
Vegetable soup with chicken meat and riceXXXN6
Delicate vegetables with chicken and rabbit meatXXXN6
Beef with vegetablesXXXN6
Broccoli mashXXXN6
Mixed vegetables with salmonXX-/XN7

Tradition since 1975 guarantees great taste and high quality for 40 years.

Source: AC Nielsen - data on the number of units sold in the Slovak Republic 2015, 2014, r.2013, r.2012. (Sales of food, general merchandise and drugstores).