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Vegetable purees

Vegetable purees

Your baby will enjoy a fresh mix of varied vegetables (carrots, broccoli, peas and cauliflower). Broccoli contains a high proportion of fibre which has a positive impact on bowl movement and it promotes digestion. Vitamin C helps fight cold, flu and other illnesses and enhances immune system as a whole. High content of proteins in peas strengthens stamina and boosts the activity of the central nervous system. In addition, it contains fibre and vitamins B, C, E, folic acid and carotene.

weight: 190 gshelf life: 36 monthssuitable from 7 months gluten freevegetable mix (carrots, bro..

Tradition since 1975 guarantees great taste and high quality for 40 years.

Source: AC Nielsen - data on the number of units sold in the Slovak Republic 2015, 2014, r.2013, r.2012. (Sales of food, general merchandise and drugstores).